Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Common questions asked about Social9 adoption

Everyone has questions about how to properly set up Social9, but not all questions are alike. In different stages of development, different things matter. This guide answers questions that people commonly have at every step along the journey to Social9 in production.

Is Social9 free?

Mostly, yes. Social9 includes many Free Forever features such as Share Widget, Email Subscription, and Introduction Popup which you can use to drive and analyze the audience.

There are also some advanced features with free-tier limits applicable such as URL Shortener, Comments, and Post Scheduler  with adaptive pricing plans on par with your requirements.

What frontend technologies are supported by Social9?

Social9 supports almost all major and latest web technologies alongside out-of-the-box integration with some of the major CMS platforms. Here are a few familiar names Gatsby, WordPress, Joomla, Blogger, etc. You can check the complete list under the Installation tab in the navigation bar.

Why should I use Social9?

  • Social9 is a platform that offers many free features without compromising on the quality(that goes without saying) compared to its other alternatives. You can check out a general comparison between Social9 and its competitors in the Social9 Dashboard footer.
    Here's a trending comparison page Social9 vs AddThis vs ShareThis.

  • Our product development team is always looking out for opportunities in the market and are finding ways to bring it to you by eliminating the technical hustles as much as possible.

  • Let's consider the following use case,

You've got a blog that is probably getting a lot of visitors which you found out from your Google Analytics dashboard.

Now you want to integrate a comment section with some of the popular social sharing tools(Facebook, Twitter) so that the pages have even better reach in social media.

The general way to do this is by visiting each social media's developer section and follow the instructions to implement their widget on your site.

The Downside

  • Sometimes it can be overwhelming for a non-technical user who is looking for a way to quickly achieve this.
  • There is no way to get all of the generated analytics in one place.
  • The same technical overhead when adding a new social provider.
  • Your source code ought to change when updating the widget style or adding some sort of display rules.
  • No on-demand support to discuss entertain your requests.
  • Pricing issues.

Not only Social9 tackles all of the above, but it is also capable of providing many other functionalities in your site by simply configuring it in the console for free.

And all of this happens in real-time with just one-time installation.

What features does Social9 Comments have?

Comments comes with a lot of useful features out-of-the-box: rich text support, upvotes and downvotes, automatic spam detection, moderation tools, sticky comments, thread locking, OAuth login, email notifications, and more!

How is Social9 Comments different from Disqus, Facebook Comments, and the rest?

Most other products in this space do not respect your privacy; showing adverts is their primary business model and that nearly always comes at the users' cost. There is no free lunch. Comments is also orders of magnitude lighter than alternatives – while Disqus and Facebook take megabytes of download to load, Commento is just 11 kB.