Activate, Deactivate or Delete A Widget

A newly create widget is by default in active state. So this will be rendered in your site if Social9 is installed.


If you wish to temporarily remove it from all your sites without changing any URL visibility rules configuration, you can deactivate it by clicking the Deactivate button under the options menu in your configuration section as shown in the picture below.

Deactivate a widget


Similarly, inorder to activate a widget simply open the options menu and click on Activate under the configuration section.

Activate a widget


Now, if you wish to get rid of the widget completely, simply click on the Delete button under the options menu in the configuration section.

Delete a widget

A Note About Deletion

This action can not be un-done. So delete the widget only if you're certain about the action.

In case you've deleted a widget by mistake, please contact Social9 support.