With billions connected through the different social media platforms it becomes imperative for the platforms get due attention from businesses.

It is not just a medium to connect but also a platform that establishes a long standing direct relationship between the buyer and the seller.

In terms of business to business relationships social media can pave the way for lead generation which can be complementary to the other efforts the business is investing time and money on to attract more customers.

Here’s a look at a some factors that can help garner healthy leads through social media platforms.

1- Social marketing is getting driven by peer to peer influence

Peer to peer/word of mouth, can be a zero cost credible form of advertising, as indicated in Forrester’s survey on consumer trust in advertisements. This survey reveals that 61 percent in the European Union and 70 percent of US residents trust brand or product’s recommendations from friends and family.

2- Social sharing can boost lead generation efforts

Creating valuable content that is being shared attracts more eyes and interested users. Plus the advantage of credibility that adds up soon as someone shares your content.

Getting users to share content is not easy and requires a well thought plan, including the use of the right medium to share content on, example if the product or the service provided by the business can be explained best through a video, the same should be followed and shared on platforms like Youtube or Vimeo.

Similarly industry reports or surveys done by the organisation or from agencies relating to relevant industry can be shared through different groups on Linkedin.

3- Utilizing the potential of the largest social network

Facebook with 1.4 billion users Facebook is a place where you are bound to find the category of people you are looking for to promote your business.

Facebook on its end is providing businesses all the opportunity through Facebook advertisements and pages for businesses to interact and engage with its users.

4- Linkedin is the most effective B2B lead generation social media platform

As per research by the content marketing institute 83 percent of B2B marketers are using Linkedin to share their content, away from the trend in the past where Twitter topped the list. Linkedin being a social platform for professionals is a good platform to benefit from peer to peer influence marketing.

Being part of industry related groups, sharing content, providing insight and information can bode good for creating leads.

5- Twitter’s lead generation cards

Twitter has been focussing its synergies in getting business get more out of its social platform. Considering businesses are looking for leads through their engagement on social networking platform, Twitter introduced lead generation cards to your tweets to make it easy for people to express interest in your business without having to fill out a form or leave Twitter.

A couple clicks will enable sharing of users contact information with the business to follow up on.
Social media platforms are constantly trying to evolve to better serve businesses. With the increase in digital transactions and interactions over the internet, social media platforms stand to aide businesses, be it for lead generation, brand building or reputation management.

The increase in smartphones and preference to connect to social media platforms through smartphones is a sign that social media’s presence cannot be denied and that businesses need to devise strategies to garner maximum benefits through the use of these platforms.

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