For all those who cringed at not being able to share their thoughts in detail through their tweet because of the 140 character limit, can sport a smile, as the latest reports point out, Twitter is changing policy to increase the character limit from 140 to 10000 characters, a feature that was earlier available using direct messages.Twitter, Undergoing A Facelift Introducing New Features To Its Social platform

The appointment of one of the founders Jack Dorsey as permanent CEO late last year, has opened up avenues of change. Immediately after taking over the CEO announced the launch of ‘Moments’ earlier named ‘Project Lightning’ that looks at stitching a group of tweets signifying a specific topic or breaking news event.


Twitter recently made its foray into the field of social commerce through its ‘buy now’ button that enables users to make purchases directly on the platform from partnering merchandisers selling their products on the social platform.

Twitter not long ago introduced the idea of customer service on its platform stating that 80 percent of customer service requests on social are happening on Twitter.

Twitter is also planning to change the reverse chronological order of tweets, meaning whoever tweets first is last in the list of tweets that show on your twitter feed, could change in the near future. Twitter has already introduced a feature ‘while you were away’ that shares the top tweets from accounts you follow.

The introduction of Twitter cards for businesses has been helping businesses spread the word on their business by adding videos, audio, images or download links alongside the 140 character tweet. The cards could be a summary card with a large image that will supplement the tweet or it could be a player card enabling videos alongside a tweet. The feature aims at getting more attention to the plain text appearing in the tweets.

Though the above mentioned features are targeted to bring in more users to the social platform, Twitter is not desperate for users as it introduced new rules to curb on banned content and behaviour to curb abuse.

Though behind in the total number of users compared to Facebook, Twitter has remained in news garnering a fair amount of attention. The latest being the tweet sent from English astronaut Tim Peake from the International Space Station.

Though these are just initial reports, there is a whole lot more to find out and who knows how these changes are going to affect users. However one thing is certain, every Twitter user must be prepared for the more changes, the platform is planning nearby future. Until then, let us know in comments what do you think about these changes, will they attract more users or the core principles of Twitter are diminishing soon?