• Are you a modern day marketer looking forward to take your marketing to a whole new level in 2017?
  • Are you a modern day marketer occupied with tons of responsibilities from creating content that your audience love to generating leads that your business owners appraise you for?
  • Do you believe in automation of work that otherwise would have taken double of the efforTop Must-Have WordPress Plugins For The Marketers of 2017ts if done manually?
  • Are you a modern day marketer who is trying to reap the benefits of WordPress?

Now if the answers of any of above questions is yes for you, let me ask the final question –

  • Any plans to consider customizing your WordPress website with plugins?

The best hallmark of using WordPress is the numerous number of plugins that can make the life of a marketer easier. But again, as I said, there are numerous plugins WordPress provides, which makes it quite difficult to identify the best ones.

This article has brought for you top hand picked WordPress plugins for marketers for 2017. Here are the aspects these plugins will help you out :

  • Effective content writing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social media marketing

So let’s start with the first and do I need to say, the most important step? Yes, I am talking about content writing :

Top WordPress Plugin for Content Writing :

1. Just Writing :

Just Writing plugin

Price : Free

Yes, distraction free writing is what we always love WordPress for, but haven’t you ever felt the need of doing a bit more like doing a quick spell check or breaking the paragraph without visiting the normal edit mode? This plugin can help you out here. Just Writing plugin takes the normal distraction free writing mode to a whole new level by providing the standard mode features. Now you don’t need to keep visiting and revisiting standard mode to make a minor change. Just Writing plugin will allow you to perform the basic formatting like paragraph styling, spell check, strike through, insert more tag and a lot more.

Get a quick look on what are the main features of this plugin :

  • The plugin improves the usability of WordPress editor.
  • You can customize plugin with the options you want to add and remove the remains.
  • Allows you to access all standard mode functions in distraction free mode.

Get more details about the plugin here.

2. Title Experiments :

Title Experiments Plugin

Price : free but Pro version also available at $29.99 per year

Being a marketer, how can we forget the importance of A/B testing? So are you testing your titles before making them live? Are your titles attractive enough to make users click? The title you have chosen has the ability to make or break the deal, so how do you find out which title is going to work best for you? That’s where this awesome plugin comes into the picture. Install Title Experiment and you can easily A/B test various variations of titles used on your pages as well as posts.

Here are the key features of this plugin :

  • Allows A/B testing for page and post title variations to find out effective one.
  • The plugin serves your title randomly to your readers and measures how people are responding to the title.
  • You can view statistics and clicks to get better idea.

While the basic title experiments is free, but if you upgrade it for pro version, below are the additional features you get :

  • Image A/B test
  • Detailed stats

Get more information about the plugin here.

Top WordPress Social Media Plugin :

1. Open Social Share :

Open Social Share plugin

Price : free

Did you know around 82% customers prefer buying products or services based on the recommendations made by people they trust while every day around 22 billion shares are viewed on the world wide web? (Source) The stats clearly indicate that the power of social media sharing cannot be ignored any longer. Install this free WordPress Social Sharing plugin to enable social sharing on your website and drive huge social referrals.

Below mentioned are the key feature the plugin brings for marketers :

  • Supports WordPress multisite and allows users to share content over 50+ social media networks
  • Compatible with buddyPress and bbPress
  • Very simple, secure and scalable
  • 24/7 community support
  • Easy to customize and lightweight social media plugin

Get more information about this top WordPress social media plugin here.

2. Revive Old Post :

Revive Old Post plugin

Price : Free but Pro version starts at $75 per year

Now this is awesome that you are consistently sharing your blog posts on social media platforms as soon as you publish them but how can  you be so sure that your followers are also available at the same time? Aren’t there even a slight chances that many of your followers miss your posts or tweets? This awesome WordPress social media plugin makes sure that your old blog posts also get the equal exposure. The plugin, previously known as “Tweet old post “allows you to share your older posts as well.

Below are the key features the plugin provides :

  • Share older blog posts
  • Schedule posts on specific duration
  • Include links to your website
  • Include and exclude specific posts based on categories

By upgrading it to pro versions, you have the facility to share images in tweets which holds special value in CTR. Other features are Linkedin support, Posting to Xing or Tumblr, etc.

Get more details about the plugin here.

Top WordPress SEO Plugin :

1. Yoast SEO Plugin :

Wordpress Yoast SEO Plugin

Price : Free but Pro version starts at $69

Yoast SEO plugin is the must have WordPress SEO plugin for every website owner. No longer a secret, this plugin is must if you are expecting search engine traffic on your website, which of course you are.

This top WordPress SEO plugin makes sure that your website is being loved by search engines by providing following features :

  • SEO Checklist : Makes sure that the content used is fresh and interesting, keywords are well optimized, your permalinks are user as well as search engine friendly and other important aspects of SEO.
  • Meta Tags optimization : The plugin ensures you are using attention grabbing meta title and descriptions for your web pages in order to drive higher CTR.
  • XML Sitemap : Sitemaps are important. With this great plugin, your sitemaps are error free and optimized.
  • Page Analysis : The plugin analyzes your web pages and helps you with important suggestions like adding visuals, readability, keyword optimization, etc.

The plugin also provides premium version, starting at $69, which provides features like

  • One on one email support facility
  • Option of multiple focus keywords and redirect manager

Get more details about the plugin here.

2. Broken Link checker :

Broken Link checker plugin

Price : Free

As a marketer, we all know how much a dead link can harm our website and user experience. Yes, yes, I know the latest WordPress Version 4.6 itself comes with live broken link checker but again, it doesn’t help if the link goes dead after the post has gone live and that’s where this awesome WordPress SEO plugin comes into the picture. The plugin makes sure there are no dead links on your website. Continuous monitoring will help you to get notified as soon as it is found and you can repair immediately.

Below are the key features of this plugin :

  • Identification of dead links, lost images or redirects
  • The facility to search and filter based on anchor text, links and more on!
  • One can edit links quickly from the plugin dashboard.
  • Customize notification via email or via your WP dashboard.

Get more details about the plugin here.

3. Redirection :

Redirection plugin

Price : Free

Search engines hate broken links, right? So do your users! So how do you cop with the situation? The above plugin has notified you for the dead links present on your website, so how do you fix them? That’s where comes Redirection plugin. The plugin manages 301 redirections on your websites, monitors 404 issues and helps you to keep your website free from any kind of broken links. Specially useful if you are migrating web pages from old site to newer one or if you want to change the directory of WP installation.

Here are the key features of Redirection plugin :

  • Add redirections both automatically and manually if the URL of a post changes.
  • Manually add 301, 302 and 307 redirects
  • 404 links monitoring
  • Complete log for all URL redirections made.

Get more details about the plugin here.

4. All In Once Schema.org :

All In Once Schema.org Plugin

Price : Free

Do you know making your website more descriptive by adding rich snippet can make a huge difference to click-through-rate? As per research, search results with better descriptive rich snippet get 30% more clicks. All In One Schema.org plugin helps you to create interesting rich snippet/schema/ markup for your website as well.

Below are the key features for the plugin:

  • Adds informative structured rich snippet without affecting how human visitors will see.
  • Improves click through rate and organic ranks.
  • Allows to add Facebook OG tags to improve social sharing

Get more details about the plugin here.


So friends, I hope, I have covered all of the important plugins,If you think I have missed on any important plugin, let me know in the comments below.