There are a lot of articles online giving you tips and tricks to boost your productivity, better manage your time and projects.

We were reading out and found an excellent article by that consolidated all the productivity articles. They have created a well-organized list that allows you to have most of these methodologies, tips, and tricks available in a single resource.

Implementing all of these may not be relevant to you but going through it you will identify the TOP points you may want to implement right away to increase your productivity, your teams’ efficiency, and better manage your work, projects, and time.

We are sharing few of the tips to hack your productivity.

1. Focus on what matters

On all the things we have to do, most of them are not really adding value to our goals. Focusing on the things that really move the needle and actually make things move forward will help you deliver more.

Prioritize what you have to do and focus first on the things that will bring more value to your actual goal or that unblock other tasks that can achieve that. If something doesn’t really add value, remove it from your list or postpone it.

Ask yourself “Is that really necessary?” as often as you can. You’ll realize that most of the time the answer is: NO. So why do this that don’t really matter?

2. Keep track of your ideas and thoughts

We have a limited ability to remember things. And keeping things in our memory is not making that part of our brain available for other things. If you want to really be effective on what you’re doing right now, you should unload all these thoughts.

It’s like a computer… when the disk or the memory starts to be full, it slows down… We work in the same way.

So you want to write down your thoughts and ideas to liberate that space and easily come back to it later. private todo list of your dashboard is a great way of managing that easily and never lose track of them.

3. Say “NO” more often

This is a classic but if often forget about it. It is so much easier to say YES. Saying NO is making us uncomfortable but we too frequently say Yes to things we don’t really want.

There are enough opportunities out there and saying YES to only what will really be worse our time is a huge time saver.

Further reading on this: The art of saying no

4. Take a break

When we are in our work we often forget to step back and ask ourselves the right questions. Am I doing the right thing now? Does that really matter?

Taking a break will allow you to think about what you’re doing and reposition yourself.

In addition to that, you need to manage your energy, and taking breaks is important for that.

Another important aspect of breaks come when they are taken with others. Look at FIKA, this Swedish coffee break habit, and how it boosts your productivity.



9. Ditch your phone the 1st hour of your day

Don’t let phone calls, messages, or apps interrupt you during the first hour of your day. Use this hour to think about what’s ahead of you during the day, use it to read a book, and enjoy your breakfast and your family.

10. Plan the next day

Before you stop your day of work, make it habit to take some minutes to plan your next day. Set your priorities and map out your day. It allows you to start the next day knowing exactly where to start and how to move what you wanted forward. Don’t “go with the flow”, preparation is half the way to achievement.



35. The Pomodoro Technique

Nobody can be focused during a long period of time. Our focus span is actually pretty small and if you want to keep your total focus and have great productivity breaks are something crucial.

The Pomodoro technique is quite powerful when it comes to that.

The principle is simple. Work for 25 minutes, take a 5 min break. And after 4 sessions of work take a 15 to 30min break.

This way of working allows you to have a total focus in your working sessions and keep that focus and energy throughout your day.


We are sharing the link of article. To read full article - click here.

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