What We Can Learn About SEO From Trump's CampaignPresidential elections in US have ended and Donald Trump is the President-elect of the United States.This win was something which wasn’t foreseen and came out of surprise. This surprise was warmly welcomed by majority of America and is seen as a learning.

On the other hand we “SEO Experts” find it an opportunity to see things the other way.

What’s not foreseen breaks out as surprise just like an SEO campaign. Trump’s campaign indeed was crafted to confirm his victory but also was a clever juicy core wrapped in sugar icing and sprinklers.

Let’s dig out the icing and see what we can learn from Trump’s presidential campaign about SEO.

See beyond your Competition:

Trump during its campaigns was seen as a man with vision by his followers, vision most of the Americans have in them for themselves and America. Similar visions with potential to make them come true, that’s where success becomes an undoubted answer.

Studying competition for an SEO campaign is what everyone does in an agency or dedicated SEO team in an company. Thinking beyond just competition and ranking on top is an extra effort, which is an manual triggered effort.

Where will the brand be in next 3 or 6 months? Sales and ranks may go up (depending upon right efforts) but where do brand stand reputation wise. Although ranks and sales are hiking in charts, it cannot always be related with a good reputation. A brand can emerge as “Advertisement Driven”, earning sales from PPC but considered spammy to day-to-day web users.

Think Beyond just ranks and sales !

Know Your Niche:

Trump has made fearless and mean  mentions/speeches/comments about issues and topics which were suppressed in most of the followers heart. This was clearly an emotion lead marketing turned success. Trump knew the deep insights of what he really has and is dealing with.

Knowing a niche is important, like “knowing” knowing, not just the outline details. For research and content marketing purpose, knowledge about that niche is mandatory but as I said earlier, extra efforts are required to dig deep bring out stones which upon polishing may turn to diamonds.

In-depth researches are no squander. Entities correlate and open up new dimensions of exploration.

For say if a campaign is for leather shoes then learning about laws and compliances for leather industry can be fruitful while targeting campaigns for different locations.

Target Your Ideal Audience:

Strongman followers, people who have no trust into politicians, people who believe in simple truth, Trump knew who to target specifically and how.

Spending resource on audience other than ideal audience for any campaign is a waste, leading to dead end, until and something productive is planned for it.

Keyword research helps in narrowing down efforts for finding relevant keywords to target for. Search intentions are very much important as they serve base for Onpage and Offpage tactics.

Focusing on target audience may lay down traffic stats but will definitely boost up sales(if product is worth).

Don’t just adhere to the norms:

Trump dared to be different. With controversial things which he said in his speeches and tweets, he proved that simply following rulebook won’t be enough to outshine others.

Likewise simply following what’s said in SEO should not become a mindset. Try experimenting with timings, content or go off rulebook. Every action is an experience to gain from.

Social media can kill:

Trump is more of a social butterfly which stings. Social media holds the power to roll someone down in instant crushing everything built up during their journey. Although every candidate played well on social media, delivering efficiently what they want to deliver on social front but for Trump, stinging on blue birdie became quite controversial.

Same way, backlinking from social media is beneficial but engaging in unethical practice or overdoing will definitely harm the campaign. Probability exists that these practices can generate traffic or sale but as a karmic compromise reputation for a brand will degrade.

Don’t be a copycat:

Trump’s campaign failed to utilize the power of a SMS campaign, unlike Obama’s. Adopting and implementing something needs research and a detailed roadmap. Trump’s sms campaign was more of poorly planned strategy.

When it comes to plan a SEO campaign, often are the chances that same strategy won’t generate results as previous one in same niche or other niche. Simply implementing and generating results can be successful but as I said earlier, extra efforts can be fascinating.

Trust yourself:

Trump is an ideal example of winning the odds. From many political influencers to news networks, naysayers tried their best to influence and demotivate, but Trump stood strong over his decisions, proving them wrong. He trusted himself, making no channel for negativity to influence.

Every SEO plan gives results. “You don’t lose, you learn,” is indeed true in SEO industry. SEO is well known for its astonishments, what has not ranked since 5 or 6 months may start ranking, traffic fluctuations can happen irrespective of any implementations. Even if things were right and results went wrong, remember one only fails if they give up.

I try to learn from the past, but I plan for the future by focusing exclusively on the present. That’s where the fun is. -Donald John Trump

Disclaimer : This article doesn’t represents our support or protest against Donald Trump. Views are of respective employees and Social9.com is not responsible for anything legal issue caused.