Color is an essential part of life where we experience the world in different ways. Colors directly impact emotions of our brain. Colors play important role in influencing  people in day today life. Impact of color goes unnoticed due to our busy life schedule.

Every color carries some emotions and meaning with it and with going un-noticed, it unconsciously triggers the emotions out with it.

When we talk about colors for web design, we are denoting it to every element visitors sees for the first time they interact with our website, like the logos, background color, images, buttons etc.

Unification of colors and emotions in a web design is the reason why conversions happen.

Every color carries a particular emotion. Basic Example is red, in our science class we were asked about anyways, Red has the highest wavelength among all colors.

In a Journal by Emerald insights, Satyendra Singh talks about impact of color on customer’s decision making. It takes just 90 seconds for a customer to make an opinion about an product and dedicated 62-90% is determined by color of product.

How color psychology actually works?

Every color has it’s own wavelength which affects human mood and behaviour. Eyes take in color and communicate with hypothalamus , which in return send sequence of signals to pituitary gland, passing on to endocrine then finally to thyroid glands, which then release hormones which trigger moods and emotions.

Making use of right emotions is what color psychology is about.

What colors should I use?

Primarily there are pre-defined set of colors we see and execute in our daily life. Some combinations look appealing but maybe they are the reason your website is hitting to wrong emotions.


Red is the most dominating color in VIBGYOR spectrum. Apart from its scientific facts red also symbolizes for energy, passion, power, excitement, aggression and danger.

Red prompts action and increase in breathing and pulse, generating sense of ecstasy.

It also symbolizes passion, youthfulness and eagerness, so it is ideal for food, fashion,makeup and sports brands. It is also ideal for dating websites.

Red has duality when it comes to its usage. It can become a fun color to play with and on same its shades can act sophisticated and professional.

Fun Red Combination

Professional Red Combination

Emotions Triggered:

Light red: Joy and love
Dark red: Rage and anger,leadership and courage
Pink: Romance and feminine qualities
Rusty reds: Fall and change

Coca Cola is a brand which reflect youthfulness, fun and adventure. As a food and beverage company they have adopted red as their primary color.


Blue signifies calmness. It symbolizes trustworthiness, success, seriousness, Knowledge, power, professionalism and healing. It is often seen as a sign of stability and reliability.

Darker shades of blue is often used to associate with Luxury. While light blues are meant for refreshing products and services like drinking water or water sports, which depicts calmness and serenity like sky or ocean.

Blue is color of knowledge, trustworthiness, professionalism and healing, that’s why it is suitable for creating medicine and healing websites, business websites, lawyer website, school and university website.

Blue is  seldom used for food or in food packaging because of its calming effect , it suppresses a person’s appetite.

Luxury Blue Combination

Professional Blue Combination

Emotions Triggered:
Light blue: Care, depth, stability and faith
Dark blue: Intellectual, authority, trust and integrity

Kaiserpermanente is using Blue as the primary color. Secondary and tertiary color are purely shades of blue.


Green is the color of peace, tranquility, and nature. It projects feelings of calm, rejuvenation, affluence and optimism.

It is mostly associated with money ,nature, animals and health.

Lighter shades of green are a bit more optimistic and are associated with growth. It looks perfect with warmer colors. Websites who want to reflect relaxation, freshness and honesty can use light shades of green.

Darker greens represent stability, safety and affluence , so websites associated with money can implement darker shades.

In certain contexts,  green can imply decay, toxicity, green like fungus.

The Greens Combination:

Emotions Triggered:
Yellow-greens: sickness and discord
Dark green: Ambition and prosperity

Teal Green: Emotional health and stability
Olive green: Peace and Harmony.

In the first look for juvenatemedical, blue seem to be dominating but we can see pinch of green also. In Spite of not being much dominating, green is appearing sooting and generating sense of nature.


Yellow is the color of light, optimism, happiness, brightness and joy.  It is stimulating and makes everything feel light and sunny. On the other side, it is associated with caution.

It can also be associated with a healthy mind without any depressing thoughts. Kids love yellow(color of school buses). It’s best suited for ecommerce websites that sell products like kids’ apparel and toys. For marketers and creative web

Bright yellow is perfect for sites designed for children as it grabs their attention.

Darker shades are associated with wisdom and curiosity, hence they are suitable for sites that want to demonstrate a sense of authority and intelligence.

Yellow is also the most fatiguing to the eye due to the high amount of light that is reflected, therefore using yellow as a background for a website is never recommended.

Joyful Yellow Combination:

Emotions Triggered:
Light yellow: Caution and trepidation
Dark yellow: happiness, joy and freshness

Lemon, Lipton, Freshness.


Orange is combination of Yellow and Red.  It calls to feeling of friendliness, warmth, approachability, enthusiasm, creativity, energy, and playfulness.

It also signify sophistication, but at the same time be attention-grabbing.

It is Vibrant, energetic, friendly and inviting, it is ideal for websites that need movement and energy, like a sports teams.

Creative Websites that want to showcase their creativity often opt for orange and is suitable for websites which deal with gadgets.

The Orange Family Combination

Emotions Triggered:
Yellow-orange or gold : Prestige and wisdom
Red-orange: Pleasure, energy, health and desire
Dark orange:  change or distrust.


After selecting your color(s), it is essential to place them correctly otherwise you’ll end up listed in worst web designs.

It is not mandatory to use a color as primary, just because it is stated here and start painting whole website in your primary color.

Examples stated above are the proof that just adding pinch of those colors can make site look beautiful and attractive.

You can lookup for various color combinations online for more making your website more creative and attractive for visitors.

These were some bright colors and their psychology for you. Please drop your suggestions and queries in comment box below.

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