This week our friend Matt Banner has written this awesome blog post that will help you to optimize your content for social media in order to drive maximum social attention! So read on!  


In 2014, Mark Schaefer theorized that “content shock” would set in as the amount of shared content on social media began to outpace the rate that we could consume it. Suddenly it became incredibly important to rethink our content marketing and find ways to combat this shock.

That’s why today I’m going to show you three ways you can start optimizing your social media marketing, along with an infographic designed to help you further maximize your efforts.

3 Ways to Optimize your Social Media

1. Make Your Content both Shareable and Engaging

The foundation of this tactic lies in your ability to create visuals for your posts. Text-based offerings pale in comparison to the engagement that a strong visual can provide. The best way to ensure your visual content is exciting is to create infographics or a slideshow presentation that presents strategies and statistics valuable to your audience.

2. Speak With Your Brand’s Voice

Everything you do should be focused on putting yourself and your brand’s voice into the content you’re creating. It shouldn’t sound like you’re reciting a high school textbook. Make it fun, engaging, and relatable for your readers.

3. Work With Influencers

One single endorsement or tweet from an influencer can skyrocket your engagement on social media. This people with strong followings in your industry are your best friends. Work with them to help promote your content to a wider audience.

Check out the infographic below from on blast blog  for tons of information on harnessing today’s social media platforms and making the most of every post, tweet, or video. Let us know how it helped you in the comments below!

How to Optimize Your Social Media Content