How Did Social Media Play An Important Role In Making People Stay Engaged During COVID'19

Impact of Social Media on People's Daily Routine: When global countries imposed lockdown and prompted their people to stay inside their homes, ...

Kartik Jhakal
Kartik Jhakal
April 19, 2021
4 min read

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COVID'19 has bombarded a huge impact on the lives of people. Though the fear of becoming prey to this disease has left people in grief, confined within four walls has taken a toll on people's mental health. Since it is the first time people have been in such a circumstance, they are baffled, not knowing the ways to handle it effectively. In this article, we are about to look into how social platforms helped people cope with these challenging times.

Impact of Social Media on People's Daily Routine:  

When global countries imposed lockdown and prompted their people to stay inside their homes, social platforms played a huge role in helping to rejuvenate their souls and to relieve them from the thoughts about the pandemic. During the beginning of the pandemic in Q1 2020, 31 billion applications were downloaded globally, which is almost 15% higher than Q4 2019. When people are engulfed in the grief of being unable to head out of their homes, social platforms come to their rescue. People watched videos, explored music, and did reels and TikTok, which helped them forget about everything happening around them. They watched hilarious videos and another genre of content matching their interest on social platforms. For example, people who are fond of preparing scrumptious foods equipped their culinary skills by watching videos from chefs and by finding new pages related to cooking. Thus, people spend their time consuming the content that interests them, which helps them combat anxiety and depression.

Staying Connected Through Social Platforms:

Social Platforms helped people to stay connected with their loved ones. Communication had increased significantly through social applications. Facebook had a 50% rise in messaging than usual. This is the same case across almost all the leading social platforms. On Snapchat, sending snaps had a staggering rise, and people interacting through calls also spiked around 50%. As there is no possibility for meeting directly during the lockdown, this has resulted in the rise of video call interactions through social platforms. Since people are locked within doors, they had sufficient time. Many took this time to get back to their school and college colleagues and churned their memories. Thus, social platforms helped many get back in touch with people they forgot in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Facebook also released a campaign, 'We are never lost if we can find each other.' The campaign reflected on how important it is to check up on people during these challenging times and how Facebook is acting as a bridge for communication.

Staggering Rise In The Livestream:

Many events happened through live streaming on social platforms since people cannot head out to theatres, parks, or concerts. Stand-Up comedians, singers, and other entertainers conducted their shows through live streaming on Facebook and Instagram. People enjoyed the shows of their favorite artists in the comfort of their homes. On the other hand, youngsters took this time to upskill them by enrolling them in various online courses. Subject Matter Experts took classes through live sessions on social platforms. They stated that they had chosen social media as they felt that they could reach many people. Thus, social platforms have also helped people of various fields use their time productively and equip their knowledge.

The Rolling Out of 'Facebook MarketPlace':

People cannot move outside freely during times of lockdown. They also had a fear of getting affected by Corona even while heading out to buy the essentials. Taking this into consideration, Facebook had rolled-out Facebook MarketPlace. This section showcases the shops available in the nearby localities alongside providing comprehensive details about the available items, working hours, etc. Many shops have also availed contactless door delivery. Facebook Marketplace has also benefited vendors as it also ensured the free flow of goods to a certain extent. Even restaurants enrolled them in the Marketplace. Thus, more than connecting with people and communicating, social platforms have ensured the availability of food on the table.

Exploring New Applications:  

During the times of pandemic, the majority of the mobile users started using new applications. Apart from using regular social platforms, people tried new applications from the play store and app store. This has resulted in a substantial rise in the user base of many applications. Thus, people were also segmented across various social applications. This has prompted brands to focus on social applications other than Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram for promotions.

Celebrities And Social Platforms:  

Governments of various countries created awareness about Corona through celebrities on social platforms. Celebrities can be seen asking people to follow protocols such as wearing masks, wash hands at equal intervals, etc. All these campaigns were taken to people mainly through social platforms as it was felt that there is no other ideal than to reach a vast number of people in a short span. Public figures, Tedx speakers also came forward and provided motivational speeches to reinstate the self-esteem of people.

Wrapping Up:  

Social Platforms stood at the forefront and helped people in various aspects to combat the tough times of COVID'19. Many people lost their jobs and had pay cuts, making them feel helpless and left them baffled, unable to find ways to handle the situation. Professional social platforms like Linkedin came to the rescue by connecting job seekers with recruiters. Industrial experts also offered ideas to cope with the situation through this forum. Thus, social platforms have played a crucial role in bringing people together.

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