Hacktoberfest 2020: Celebrate Open Source with Social9!

Social9 loves open-source and proudly open sourcing a lot of projects to honor this years' Hactoberfest. Let's be a part of this awesome community and give back what we can.

Kartik Jhakal
Kartik Jhakal
October 06, 2020
3 min read

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October is upon us, and Hacktoberfest is here! It’s the month-long celebration of something we all love – open source. Our first annual Hacktoberfest officially kicks-off now!

In honor of the Hacktoberfest, we want to recognize our community and reward their contributions to the open source projects during October. While we encourage this all year round, now you can get special prizes for your efforts.

Welcome to #Hacktoberfest 2020! Get involved with open source this October and earn yourself some swag. 👕 Brought to you by @digitalocean, @intel and @ThePracticalDev, our site has more details and great resources: https://t.co/EABbXwl8QX 🔗 💙 — Hacktoberfest (@hacktoberfest) August 18, 2020

So, if you are as passionate about open source as we are, grab your laptop, get comfy, and – let’s get hacking!

Why should I contribute?

For many of us, open source is not just a hobby. It’s an opportunity to be a part of something bigger, to contribute in a meaningful way to the projects we care about. Whether you’re an open source newbie or an experienced contributor, it’s rewarding to be able to make changes, even the small ones - which go a great way to move the world in a positive direction.

As open source brings together individuals with diverse skills, experiences, and backgrounds from all over the world, it offers plenty of ways to grow, both on professional and personal levels. Beyond this, it’s just a fun and enjoyable experience (and sometimes a chance to get cool swag!).

This is exciting! How do I get in?

Registering yourself is a very straight forward process.

  1. This event is primarily sponsored by DigitalOcean. So, first register yourself here hacktoberfest.digitalocean.com using your GitHub account.
  2. That's it. Now you just need to make 4 valid pull requests which will be automatically tracked. You can see them under your profile section.

Wait a minute. Valid pull requests? 😕

What is a valid pull request?

Over the past 7 years since this fest started, the quality of the pull requests seem to be slumped. So in order to protect the maintainers interest and improve the overall quality of the pull requests, a few amends have been made starting October 3rd 12:00:00 UTC.

  1. The open-source projects must have a label named hactoberfest.
  2. Once you create a pull request, either it should be approved by the maintainer or a hactoberfest-accepted label should be added to it denoting PR acceptance which will be merged at later point.


  1. Find a valid project listed for hacktoberfest.
  2. Fork it to your own github account.
  3. Make changes to it with contribution guideline intact.
  4. Create a pull request to the original project and assign to a maintainer for review.
  5. Once reviewed and merged or labelled with hactoberfect-accepted, you're good to go!

How is Social9 involved?

We've open-sourced quite a few projects and will do a lot more in the future. You can find the available projects list here.

We're technology agnostic. You can contribute in any language or by doing any of the following:

  1. Add a feature in any of the existing project
  2. Add or update documentation
  3. Fix any existing bug or the ones' that you might have discovered recently
  4. Last but not the least, DM us in twitter or send a mail if you can help create a Social9 plugin in any other technology. We'll create a repo for you 😃

Let's get connected on twitter for more updates Follow @Social9dotcom

Stay tuned for more updates on this. Happy hacking!

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