When you are starting a blog, the first question that comes in mind is "What is the best blogging platform to start with?"

Lets discuss this in details..

What is a Blogging Platform?

A blogging platform is the software or service that one uses to publish his/her content on  internet in the form of a blog. It is a type of CMS(Content management System). Blogs can be a dedicated website or a small section in an website, example a company’s blog or service provider’s blog where they post about updates related to their industry and their company or product.

Why do I need a Blogging Platform?

Remember? A blogging platform is a CMS too. CMS is a web software which helps in managing digital content. No coding is required to install or make a change to CMS.
That’s 1-0 for a blogging platform.
Maxi as a designer is expert but developer is a 404. Dev skills not found !

What Blogging Platform Should I use?

…there are so many, I wish Icould dive in at once ..! Hold on diver, you have to learn a few things before you start.
We have got it figured out. Most commonly used blogging platform are WordPress and Blogger. There are other competitors too but they are the one with Jetpacks.

They both offer eye catching features and designs and are perfect for a newbie to start with.

Comparing WordPress with Blogger: Which one to opt?


Blogger is an ownership of Google. Blogger has built-in features like Adwords, Adsense and Analytics to make site more powerful. Blogger is free to use and one of the most important factor to attract novice bloggers. It has user friendly interface with user friendly widgets to apply.

As it is a part of Google’s services, it can be accessed using Google id.

  • Can customize to look like a website or blog.
  • SAAS based service so dashboard updates automatically.
  • Maximum of 10 Pages can be created.
  • Supports Widgets.
  • Blog created in Subdomain (myblog.blogspot.com)
  • Can be migrated to a main domain.
  • Multiple authors supported.


Owned by WordPress itself, it has 2 options to opt from, a self hosted WordPress (commonly referred as  wordpress.org) or as a subdomain to wordpress (mysite wordpress.com).

Yes, they both are different. (I hope it isn’t confusing anymore)

Let’s discuss WordPress.com and WordPress.org, which one is benificial for Maxie.

WordPress.com vs WordPress.org


WordPress.com is free platform. It is free to register and blog. Register using any email provider, confirm email and you are ready to blog. Though it is free, it comes with some limitations.

First limitation is same as blogger’s. Blog will be created in subdomain instead of a main domain. Plugins cannot be installed so as to increase functionality. Storage is limited to 3GB, that means 3GB space to store every type of media.

It also offers premium features with a domain name on monthly charges. Additionally, Themes  can be purchased for a one time fee.

The features in paid versions depends on type of plan you choose.

On opting for WordPress’s VIP Program, user can get full control over plugins, themes, custom coding etc along with a main domain name. Fore more on WordPress’s VIP follow this link .


WordPress.org is usually used for selfhosted WordPress site.

What is a self hosted website?

A self hosted website is a website which user hosts by additionally purchasing web-hosting and domain. Generally it’s the same provider which provides both like hostgator but users can purchase it from different providers also.

What are the requirements for a Self Hosted WordPress Site?

First and foremost requirement after a domain name is a Web Hosting. There are certain hosting providers which provide dedicated WordPress hosting (yes it’s a beast !).

After setting up hosting on your domain one can opt to use One Click Install which comes in  hosting cpanel or can download setup from wordpress.org website and configure

After WordPress is done installing, it’s time to dive in.

The benefit of a self hosted WordPress is that you have access to lots of themes and plugins from WordPress directory. For premium version, one can buy directly from developer’s website or from marketplaces like themeforest etc. Benefit of purchasing a theme or plugin is you have lifetime free upgrade to those plugins.

Choice of platform depends upon your requirement.. I prefer a self hosted wordpress. It will be convenient for you to add extra features using plugins. Choice is your’s!!

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