Social9 can be added to many different kinds of pages and publishing platforms. After registration, you need to add our code snippet on your website in order for social9 widgets to appear.

This article provides instructions and a step-by-step tutorial for manually installing Social9 on your site.

Step 1: First of all you need to copy the code snippet which you can find from Social9 Installation Tab.

Step 2: Paste the Code in Your Site’s HTML

After you copy the code, paste it into your site’s HTML directly above the closing </body> tag. You need to add this code to every page you want Social9 widgets to appear on. If you don’t, social9 widgets won't be rendered.

Once added, you can configure your widgets from Dashboard and it will automatically be reflected on your website.

Photo by Nathan da Silva on Unsplash

What is Social9?

Welcome! 👋 is a one-stop-shop platform to drive more traffic and increase audience engagement by leveraging the power of social media.

It offers seamless website integrations with the latest technologies, out of the box analytics and many other "FREE" features for you to get started!

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