How to increase page likes on Facebook: 17 +1 Tips To Get More Facebook Likes

Want to Understand how promote facebook page free or how to increase page likes on facebook or how to gain more facebook followers. Here is the Answer!

Kartik Jhakal
Kartik Jhakal
July 01, 2020
6 min read

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Now that Facebook has boasted of its more than 90 million active small business pages and globally, 2.6 billion people access Facebook every month, I can understand how hard it could get to attract the users and Get more Facebook likes for your Facebook business page.

And you can totally relate to the pain, if you are one of those marketing guys or bloggers, trying hard to attract those valuable thumbs up for your pages. It can be challenging but I know it’s rewarding too.

Well, no one would have ever thought of a ‘blue-colored hand showing thumbs up’ to be one of the most valuable currency in digital marketing.

Do you know a single Facebook fan can worth $136.38.?

Well, I know that this figure totally depends upon your industry and business, still acquiring your customers’/viewers’ loyalty and attention on Facebook is an important thing.

Now, you probably might know about paid ad platforms from Facebook which can draw likes on your business page but I want to introduce some freeways which could also accumulate those attractive “thumbs up” on your Facebook page. List may be long but it’s worthful !

1- Adding visuals is a must content strategy

Adding images and videos are one of the greatest ways to boost up engagement on your page. So, add videos, infographics, and Gif's to enrich your content and increase reachability of your posts. Moreover, don’t forget to embed these visual posts from your business page to blogs or to your website.

2- Introduce Facebook’s Page Plugins

Well, ‘Like boxes’ have been replaced by Facebook’s page plugins. Page plugins help to share your content well, as well as skyrocket your page likes. Also, including button “Like us on Facebook” at the ‘thank you’ section of your site will increase your customer’s chance of clicking it. It is evident that customers are likely to click on such buttons whenever they are excited about a transaction they have just completed.

3- Work upon your posts

Make your posts insanely interesting but keep it relevant. Further, analyzing your audience with tools like Facebook insights will help you to get a brief idea about content liked by your audience. Hence, identify those content with maximum reach and repeat such posts more often. Moreover, do not be sporadic in posting contents as it gives a wrong impression of you being too casual with your Facebook business page. Also, ensure that ‘like’ and ‘share’ buttons are included in every post.

Offering valuable content to your prospects will trigger discussion and eventually gather more likes and shares.

4- Use blogs to promote your Facebook page

Blog posts are great tools when you want to promote your Facebook business page. Provide links to your Facebook page on all your posts at various blogs. You can also tag other relevant pages on your posts as it will automatically introduce your page to the owners as well as fans of those pages. Moreover, take maximum participations in conversations in popular blogs. You should also provide your Facebook business page link when asked for URL in the discussion.

5- Use other social networks for promotion

At times, you can use social networks like LinkedIn and Twitter by directing your connections and followers to conservations occurring on your Facebook business page.

6- Follow 80/20 while posting promotional content

It is suggested that you should provide 20% of your time to promotional content. 80% of your time should devote to non-promotional content. Although, it is best advised to understand the audience and then make your strategy.

7- Promote your Facebook business page via your Facebook profile

Include the link to your Facebook business page to your personal Facebook profile. Add link as ‘place of employment’ in About section. Eventually, join other Facebook groups to discuss current trends in your industry. Hence, if your views are liked, there is a possibility of people hovering your name to know more about you. Thus, your Facebook page and business name can get endorsed via your Facebook profile.

8- Lure your Facebook fans with discounts and coupons

You can provide coupons and various discounts to your Facebook fans. This will eventually generate more Facebook fans for your business page as 42% of people become fans just to avail different offers and discounts.

9- Lure your visitors with freebies

Flash freebies can attract more likes on your business page. Flash your page with offers such as “Early bird offer: first 10 visitors to call me will get the prize worth $10” and your page likes will increase.

10- Use Facebook’s Graph Search to target ads

You can search users who like pages similar to your kind using Graph Search. Type “pages liked by people who like my page” in the search and thus, you can concentrate your ads on these users as they are more likely to be interested in your ads. Hence, you will have an optimized approach on your ads.

11- Connect with your customers

Take out some time regularly to interact with your customers. No one likes to build relationships with a brand which stays anonymous. Connect with your customers at priority.

12- Optimize (SEO) your Facebook page: Keep it updated

You need to use more relevant keywords on your Facebook page. Sections which should remain updated are the title, About section, name, address, a link from your website, and phone number.

13- Create your group to reach more prospects

Many prospects may act cautiously when they have to like a brand’s page. Thus, creating your group can help you to reach those prospects. Creating your group will increase engagement of such prospects, hence building trust with them.

14- Tag team with a complimentary page

Build a partnership with other pages of your kind to cross promote each other. Thus, you can gain more audiences mutually.

15- Introduce your page link to your email signature

You can also include your business page’s link to your email signature. Also, you can invite all your email contacts to your Facebook page by sending them a brief email about your Facebook business page.

16- Involve your employees in the Likes squad

Your employees are your biggest promoters. Use them by asking them to like your Facebook business page.

17- Use your fans to circulate your page’s photos

You ask your fans to tag themselves in photographs from different events. Thus, their friends and acquaintances would be able to view it. Hence, your page will gain visibility.

18- Celebrate Follow Friday

Some pages in Facebook entertain Follow Friday. Participate the page to share connections and advertise your business. Thus, it helps to increase your page likes.

Bonus tips:-

  • You can show ‘like us on Facebook’ on top of your WordPress site through plugin WP-TopBar.
  • Include your Facebook page URL on every gif, infographic or video on your blog posts and website.
  • Include a ‘connect with us on Facebook’ on your blog posts and website.
  • You can also add your Facebook business page’s link in your author bio.
  • Get a vanity URL. It catches more eyes and can be easily remembered.

Though likes are really important for your Facebook business page, grabbing your viewer’s attention is the meter stick for your page to be successful. Focus on valuable content and it will definitely gather likes for your business page organically.

Did this article help you? Which tip did you like the most? Would you like to add up things? Feel free to share below.

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What is Social9?

Welcome! Social9 is a one-stop-shop platform to drive more traffic and increase audience engagement by leveraging the power of social media.

Social9 provides free tools such as Social sharing plugin, Cloud Commenting tool, URL shortener, and Twitter post scheduler(Beta) that helps you in growth of your website.

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