Top Social Media Stories September 2016Hey guys This is Roundup Raven flaunting my shiny feathers and Top Social Media Industry News from my beloved September. September has been a wonderful month for me because I bought my new hat and will be buying Cool Spectacles by Snap soon..Oops ! Spoiler Alert.

For all those Busy Bees and Birds out there, who need 25th hour to search and scroll through News Feed forest to search for relevant Social Media Industry News, I present to you Roundup News for September.

1. Google Penguin is Permanent Employee:

Yeah ! Google has announced Officially on it’s Blog that Penguin is now part of their core algorithm for their Search Engine. Penguin is well known for fighting search spam and Spammy Websites.

Penguin 4.0, that’s what it is named, will run along with other Ranking Algorithms looking for its Preys.

With this change, Penguin’s data is refreshed in real time, that means changes will be visible faster, hence taking effect shortly after a page is re-crawled and reindexed. This update will devalue spammy pages and rather than penalizing whole site, algorithm will devalue that page and adjust the ranking after devaluation of offending page.

2. Say Hello to Google Allo and Duo :

Say Hello to Google Allo and DuoGoogle has introduced a Smart Messaging Appfor catching up with friends and family and has Google Assistant, which offers related information within chats, reply suggestions, emoji parties, and much more. Allo also offers an incognito mode for private chats, and has a variety of stickers.

Duo, another app introduced as a partner to allo which allows video calling and is considered to be taking over Google Hangouts. It has minimalistic elements during call, so that you can focus on the person instead of the process of the call.

It is has a “Knock-KnockFeature which lets you see a glimpse of the person when they call you before they can see you, so you get a Idea about the situation and the other end.

3. Say a bit more with Twitter’s Characters new Update:

It’s my favourite Birdie today. Twitter has again madechanges to its character count policy. Now photos, videos, GIFs, polls, and Quote Tweets will no longer be counted as twitter characters, making space for more expressions in Tweets.

Another new change is that usernames will no longer be counted in the limit, when they’re at the beginning of replies….A Decent Space for me to start jokes on other Birdies.

4. WhatsApp Adds User Tagging to Group Chats:

Whatsapp has added a New feature of tagging Contacts in a group while in a conversation. Tagging user will automatically send a user notification that they’ve been tagged in the conversation.

The new feature is on Android and iOS , but is not available in desktop version of WhatsApp. It works simply placing the “@” symbol before someone’s name. You can also tag users even if they are not in your contact list but they should be in the group to tag.

5. Facebook is now allowing Pages to crosspost videos:

Facebook is now allowing Pages to crosspost videosFacebook is now allowing Pages to cross post videos from Other pages with Different Page Managers. This feature not only allows marketers to test different audiences for the same video, experimenting on different pages with variations in titles, post text, and captions but also allow them to view metrics “across all Posts with the same video”.

This feature can help publishers reach new audience and cuts down the pain of uploading videos on different pages.

Now you can share’s Facebook Videos and share it on your page.

6. Pinterest Debuts Video Ads:

Pinterest is all set to try out Video ads on it’s site. Pinterest is offering more than just Video Ads, along with Ad, feature pins will show up just below the video, inspiring them to take action.

Industries such as fashion can expect increase in their advertisement ROI’s where the ad will inspire them to take action.

7. Snapchat is now and is Selling Cool Sunglasses:

Snapchat is now and is Selling Cool SunglassesNo..!! You Won’t be getting it free !!!. According to Evan Spiegel, CEO Snapchat, App will still be called Snapchat, but the company, with their newly launched line of video-enabled sunglasses, is more than what it once was.

Glasses will come in three different colors and are equipped with a tiny camera on each lens to capture video in a 115-degree field of view, the same field that the human eye has. These Glasses will be “Available Soon”.

“Imagine one of your favorite memories. What if you could go back and see that memory the way you experienced it? That’s why we built Spectacles.” -Snap Inc. Blog
Yes Yes Yes…!(Dreamy Eyes)

These were some of the main updates from Social Media Industry happened in September. Stay Connected to our Blog for more updates, Follow us on Facebook and Twitter and anyone please keep my Place reserved in Line at…Because Raven is Coming ?