Ask These Question Before Calling Yourself A Blogging NewbieHi, this is Carol, and I will be introducing you to Maxie. Maxie is a newbie in web designing field. He has recently started learning about web design, alternative to traditional web designs and much more. What interests Maxie as a newbie is that, web design is much more than a plain HTML page and some content related to title of a page.

Nowadays web development too is essential as websites are more than “Just a Static Page”. Almost every niche is on internet, selling, showcasing their products and services. As a fresh graduate from school, Maxie is amused to see beautiful masterpieces, in terms of UI and functionalities of a website.

Upon discussing with maxie about his rising interest, he  confessed about his interest for web design, how he was attracted to this field, was it the money in this field or was just a fling.

He told us that he was inspired by his neighbour Jobin. Jobin is 4 years younger than him but he earns.

Jobin is a blogger  and writes about latest gaming trends and reviews them too. Money was not the reason though, Maxie fell in love with the popularity a person gains as followers, after running a blog successfully for months or years.

By this time you too would have started imagining about sitting at home and earning big bucks ?

So Dear Maxie, we have a bit of surprise for you.  We will be helping you and newbie enthusiasts like you in everything which will help you starting your own blog and gain traffic.

Wait what !!! Maxie wants followers, Maxie  wants no Traffic…Followers..Followers.. !! (creature in Lord of the Rings)

Traffic is the only medium Maxie, which will help you gain followers. With no traffic you can have your followers, like your friends and family but it won’t help you further.

Internet is vast and is accessible to everyone in the world. A website with global reach can have traffic globally and global followers too.

So let’s Start with blogging tips for newbies like Maxie to help them start their own Blog.

First Comes the purpose. Why you want to start your blog? What will you write about? Are you potent/resourceful enough to write about particular niche.

Start asking these questions first before suiting up for a dive in blogging world. It is not necessary for a person to be an expert to write posts about. What matters is the resourcefulness of the post, how your post will help others. Whether it is an information or an experience, with no aim while writing will lead to nothing but a zero visitor in web analytics.

If you are an enthusiast and have your experiences to share, you too are fit to write. If you want your blog to be persona, then it’s okay to write about things related to you and your life.

There are many bloggers who write about their life experiences, daily problems, own theories and their opinions.

They share whatever they do or experience. So it’s okay if you feel blogging as your own canvas to paint your life at.

Second is the niche. What will you write about? Above in last lines I mentioned about writing about yourself and life. It too can be done, but you rarely will gain much of follower(until and unless you are a celeb.)

Best niche to write is every niche. Trust me Maxie, every niche is as good as other niche to write about. It is the audience that gets interested and follows you.

Suppose you write about your everyday morning, how your mom still wakes you up for gym and what you do at gym. There can be mined audience , one who goes to the gym and workout and another of Morning person who likes to wake up early.

If we talk about business related niches like fashion, IT, media, food, travel etc., they all are same, it is the audience who likes to read about it and looks for help related to it.

Third is the Content. Yes, Content is the king. A website without a content is like a body without heart., a pizza without cheese (my love for pizza). Content is very much important for a website, content which is unique, topic can be common but not copied.

A content can be common so as the experiences and tips but copying whole content is not ethical. First it will ruin your reputation as a blogger amongst other bloggers of same community and it might make you pay for copying. If you are hit by copyright claims then you are in serious trouble boy.

Either you have to pay the amount claimed for copyright or a long term sentence to prison.

Maxie go no Prison, Ethical is Maxie (yoda in starwars)

You too can claim your content if someone copies it. You can file for DMCA. It is legal and is infamous among people who have bad habit of copying other’s content. DMCA can be applied on any media, whether it ti text, document or media file, DMCA spares none.

Other question that might arise is that, how can you know whether your content is being copied or not? Because no one has time to manually lookup for content online, as it may prove to be a waste of time and resource.

Copyscape is a service which checks for uniqueness of a content and helps in determining whether the content is copied to another property or not. People steal content from other sites because of two  reasons, one is that your content is rich and can help their site too in achieving great traffic. Second is unintentionally. Sometimes people copy some part of your content and mix it with another content so as to make their content more resourceful.

A best practice is to allow users to copy a part of your content in exchange of a link back to your site or post. This way intention of the webmaster is fulfilled.

These are some of the non technical tips for Maxie and newbies like him to start blogging.

So Maxie, take your time and ask yourself the the questions which are mentioned in my 1st tip.

I hope to see you with help regarding  technicalities regarding Blogging, Soon !